Baking Pan Clutter … Gone!

basketopenI have baking pans, cooling racks, bun pans, cookie sheets, pizza stones … well, you name any hard-to-store, big, flat item and I’ve probably got it. Storing them has always been a problem. Recently they’ve been “stored,” all standing on end, in the cardboard moving box we used to move them. I hate unpacking and it always takes me awhile to get it done. If a box can just disappear–as packed–into a closet, I’m a happy woman. If I get delirious from fever some day and decide to unpack that neatly stored box, I always can.

Actually, the tacky moving box storage turned out to be quite handy. I have a perfect spot in my laundry room for it—it’s right next to the kitchen–and that’s where the box was dumped on moving day. I found that I used the box storage with a lot less aggravation–crying, cursing and banging things around–than storing them in a cupboard or on a shelf. I could just reach in, grab the pan I needed, without having to work on my juggling act with the other pans or call my therapist, and be on my way.  After cleaning any pan, it just slipped back into place. (We’ll talk about my years in the circus another time.)

Ahh, the peace of convenience … but the problem with my cardboard box was that it was tacky–and my very neat husband kept wanting to “unpack” it and put the cookie sheets away. And you can’t stand guard over your cardboard box cookie sheet holder 24 hours a day.

So, on to Pinterest to find a solution … and I found one! A basket for storing large flat things on end. See the Pin here. I searched for a couple of weeks for a basket that would work. I wanted one that would hold most, if not all, of my flat pans. Some I only use occasionally and could move to an obscure place in the kitchen if needed and ask my tall husband to retrieve them when needed. Finally at my “guilty treasures” store, Old Time Pottery I found exactly what I needed. A super-sturdy basket with a lid, of all things! It holds most of my pans. I did have to relocate the parts to The George and a stacking cookie-cooling rack, but that’s okay. My husband uses The George and my stacking cooling rack only gets used during holiday baking seasons.

Here’s pictures of my new storage. I didn’t do “before” and “after” pix because I’m certain you all know what a box full of cookie sheets and baking stones looks like. Isn’t it nifty? No more juggling, cursing or standing guard at my house!

Basket Open

Basket With Its Lid

P.S. Please don’t tell my daughter that the tag was left on the basket for this photo. She’s a professional photographer and she’d “say something.”